Heavy Weapon Deluxe

Heavy Weapon Deluxe

Heavy Weapon Deluxe is a classic 2D shooter by PopCap games
4.3  (44 votes)

Heavy Weapon Deluxe is an arcade 2D shooter made by PopCap Games. This game follows the traditions of all shoot-them-up games but with a more modern look. In fact, the 3D graphics are excellent for this 2D scrolling environment.

In the game, you have a choice of two modes of gameplay: mission and survival. You take control of a very advanced tank that scrolls around the harsh terrain of some fake communist provinces. As you stroll around, several enemy aircrafts will attack you with all their might and you must, quite simply, blast them out of the sky. The controls are really simple, just use the mouse to aim the cross-hair and move right and left with your keyboard. The left mouse button fires your main weapon and the right button fires a special weapon. Along the mission, some white helicopters will drop valuable power-ups that will help you in your mission. The survival mode is very simple to describe, just survive everything they throw at you. Heavy Weapon is a fun game and a well-made shooter, but with a price tag like that, you may want to look for something else.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Fun and basic 2D shoot-them-up


  • Expensive
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